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Full Circle Textiles strives to bring you the best there is in Sustainable Textiles & Products at fair prices without having to sacrifice anything. We have recently added several new bath and body items to our collection that are sure to indulge your sense of touch. Featured this month is our new, hand made, Agave Loofas, Wash Clothes & Soap Bags. These products are an excellent way to exfoliate the skin allowing for new cells to come to the surface for healthier, younger looking skin. When you purchase any of the Agave bath and body products you are helping to support 115 different families in rural Mexican villages to receive food, water, housing and education.

When we think about being all natural and eating healthy, like shopping at Whole Foods, we know we are doing something that is truly beneficial to our state of being as humans. We are nourishing our bodies with all the best natural organic ingredients and when we do this we get amazing benefits such as health and longevity. I would like you to think about natural fabrics in the same way. When we use a fabric whose raw fibers have not been treated with toxic pesticides and herbicides and has not endured harsh chemical baths and processes we get ...


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Full Circle Textiles supports the global, collective spirit of awareness for environmentally conscious production of sustainable and healthy textiles through intellectual and creative achievement for the benefit of all. Read More...
Respect for all of the earth is our main objective. We use only the finest all natural materials the earth has to offer. Our Mission Statement
Sustainable materials not only help protect the environment, they also help protect your clients from harmful chemicals. Read More...
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